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Wabashiki Fish & Wildlife Area is an area preserved by both the Vigo County Parks Department and the Indiana State Department of Natural Resources.  The Wabashiki Trail is a 7-mile long trail that explores the property, including a picturesque portion that follows the west bank of the Wabash River.  The trail surrounds the east, south, and part of the west sides of West Terre Haute.  A branch departs the southwest corner of West Terre Haute and makes a semi-circle heading south and crossing under Interstate 70 twice before following the Wabash north.

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County: Vigo

City: West Terre Haute

Mileage: 7 miles

East Endpoint - General: Along the Wabash River, south of US 150

West Endpoint - Specific: 2774 W. National Avenue, West Terre Haute

North Endpoint - Specific: 110 East National Ave. West Terre Haute

Notable Trailhead: Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area

Near to US highways: US Highway 150, US Highway 41, Interstate 70

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Type of Trail: River Trail, Shared Use Path / Trail

Surface: crushed stone

Uses allowed: walking, jogging, bicycling

Which uses NOT allowed:  motorized vehicles

Attractive Features: Runs along Wabash River, Runs along West Terre Haute

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area

2001 W County Road 600 S

Greencastle, IN  46135

Trail Website

Trail Map

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours

More Information

There is a sidepath that follows US Highway 150 on the south side from the road network where the Wabashiki Trail East Endpoint is located along the Wabash to West Terre Haute where the Wabashiki Trail North Endpoint is located.  Utilizing this sidepath, trail users could make a complete loop.

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours
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