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Invest in Trails!

When you make a donation to Indiana Trails, you are investing in the future of Indiana, investing in the ability of future generations to engage in healthy activities, and investing in the future vision of a state crisscrossed with a network of interconnected multi-use trails available to all.


Donations will be used to purchase land to be used for a trail, organize volunteers and provide raw materials that will be used to build a new trail, and form a trust that will support the maintenance of a trail in perpetuity. Indiana Trails is donation supported, and your financial help will ensure our vision of trails will continue to become a reality.

Your donation encourages people to get out onto trails, helps us preserve land in future debates and enhances all our communities.


Please consider making a financial contribution by clicking the button below or you can write and send a check to:


Indiana Trails Community, Inc.

P. O. Box 1688,
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1688.

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