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The Indiana Trails Fund provides the financial backing that allows local trail groups to purchase and develop trails into the wonderful community amenities that we are all able to enjoy.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation so that they may be able to continue their mission.

Indiana Trails Fund

Partners: Exhibitions

We could not do this alone.  We would like to acknowledge our partners without whom we would not be here.  Please consider patronizing their organizations as well.


Milton-Madison Bridge

Photograph courtesy of Derek Zollinger


Indiana Trails Community is requesting the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to include designs and eventually build safe access for pedestrians and cyclists in the form of a separated and protected passageway on either the new Interstate 69 bridge or on one of the existing U.S. Highway 41 bridges as part of the Ohio River Crossing (ORX69) project.  The following organizations have signed on to be a part of this coalition advocating for these accommodations:



The Hoosier Rails to Trails Council has provided the lobbying effort for public policies to enable trail development in Indiana.  Their efforts range from lobbying legislators, to guiding the governor, county councils, and city mayors.  Donations are appreciated, but are not tax deductible.  They also encourage fellow activists in how to promote trails in their call to action.  Please visit.

Hoosier Rails to Trails Council



The Coalition for Adequate Transportation, the Indianapolis based organization that pushed for better public transit has been rebranded Better Transit Now after merging with Save the Nickel Plate.  Their goal is improved transit options in Indianapolis with greater connections to other modes of transit, thus advocating for bus, rapid bus transit, rail, light rail, commuter rail, bicycle and walking paths that will allow for increased mobility of the residents of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.

Better Transit Now

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