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The Wabash Heritage Trail consists of two sections in Tippecanoe County, the Wabash Corridor Section, and the Burnetts Creek Section.  The Burnetts Creek Section runs from Davis Ferry Park - the location of a ferry that crossed the Wabash River operated by John Davis, up along Burnetts Creek to Tippecanoe Battlefield Memorial.  The trail connects with the Prophets Rock Trail.

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Welcome


County: Tippecanoe

City: Battle Ground

Mileage: 3.6

North Endpoint - Specific: Tippecanoe Battlefield Memorial

Southwest Endpoint - Specific: Davis Ferry Park

Notable Trailhead: Davis Ferry Park, Tippecanoe Battlefield Memorial

Near to US highways: US Highway 52, Interstate 65

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Type of Trail: River Trail, 

Surface: natural

Uses allowed: walking, hiking, jogging

Which uses NOT allowed: Bicycling, motorized vehicles, equestrians

Attractive Features: Runs along Burnett Creek

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Tippecanoe County Parks Department

20 North Third Street

Lafayette, IN  47901


Trail Website

Trail Map

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours

More Information

From the website:

This 13 mile trail begins at the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park located in Battle Ground, Indiana and makes its way along Burnett's Creek to cross the Wabash River at Davis Ferry Park. The Trail follows the Wabash River to Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette, Indiana, crossing the Wabash River again, and heading southward towards Fort Ouiatenon.

The Tippecanoe County Park Department proudly maintains 10 miles of the 13, excluding those 3 miles within the city limits of Lafayette and West Lafayette.


Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours

The Heritage Trail offers opportunities for bird watching, wildlife observation, exercise and exploration. The Trail is mild to moderate as it winds past marshy areas, buckeye, cottonwood and sycamore trees, wildflowers, and Heron Island Wildlife Preserve.


The trail also steeps itself in the rich history of the area. The battle ground of William Henry Harrison is the starting point of the Trail. The creek is named for William Burnett, an early settler. John Davis operated a ferry at the current site of the Davis Ferry pedestrian bridge. The Trail is targeted to reach Fort Ouiatenon, the historic site which is home of the annual Feast of the Hunters' Moon.

Recommended Gear

Hiking the Wabash Heritage Trail does not call for expensive and cumbersome equipment. Comfortable shoes will complete any outfit with the exception of insect repellent in the warmer months. A canteen or bottle of water is recommended.


The trail is a linear trail, it does not loop, so you will need to park a car at the end of your hike or turn around at some point, and head back in the direction from whence you came. Public access sites where hikers can park are located at:

  • Davis Ferry Park

  • Lafayette Municipal Golf Course

  • Riehle Plaza

  • Tapawingo Park in West Lafayette

  • Tippecanoe Battlefield

Restroom facilities can be found at the Tippecanoe Battlefield, Lafayette Municipal Golf Course and Riehle Plaza.


Picnic tables and benches are situated along the length of the Trail. Trail conditions and maps are located at the Wah-ba-shik-a Nature Center at the Trailhead at the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park in Battle Ground, or by calling the Trail Manager at 765-567-6218.

National Trails Day is held annually on the first Saturday in June.

Please, no bikes, horses, or motorized vehicles on the Heritage Trail. Be a considerate and safe trail user.

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