Prophets Rock Trail is a 0.7 mile long trail that connects the Wabash Heritage Trail - Burnetts Creek Section to the marker placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution indicating the location where the Prophet encouraged his men to attack the American forces encamped nearby.



County: Tippecanoe

City: Battle Ground

Mileage: 0.89

East Endpoint - General: Wabash Heritage Trail - Burnetts Creek Section

West Endpoint - Specific: Prophets Rock

Notable Trailhead: Prophets Rock Park

Near to US highways: Interstate 65



Type of Trail: Forest Trail

Surface: natural

Uses allowed: walking, hiking, jogging

Which uses NOT allowed: Bicycles, motorized vehicles, equestrians

Attractive Features: Historical and natural education markers



Tippecanoe County Parks Department

20 North Third Street

Lafayette, IN  47901


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More Information

Prophets Rock Trail branches off the Wabash Heritage Trail - Burnetts Creek Section just outside of the TippeCanoe Battlefield Memorial.  It has a slow uphill climb to Prophets Rock Road where the trail crosses and turns into much more rugged trail. As it winds through the forest; climbing and descending hills, markers are placed to explain what we are looking at, such as a cedar tree suggesting the hill wasn’t always forested.  The trail stops by a parking lot and a monument erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution showing the spot where the Prophet Tenskwatawa sang a magic song to protect his Shawnee warriors from the bullets of Indiana Territory Governor William Henry Harrison’s men.


The trail is a loop within Prophets Rock Park, so there is a secondary trail that can be taken back to the road crossing before returning to Wabash Heritage Trail.  Tenskwatawa’s brother Tecumseh later told Sir Isaac Brock, “We gave them forest clad mountains and valleys full of game, and in return what did they give our warriors and our women?  Rum and trinkets and a grave.”