The Rivergreenway Trail, a set of trails connecting Decatur Parks and Recreation, St. Mary’s Nature Preserve, Kekionga Park, Adams Memorial Hospital, and American Legion Park in a large loop west of St. Mary’s River.  Adams Memorial Hospital Life Fitness Trail connects to the Rivergreenway Trail.



County: Adams

City: Decatur

Mileage: 2.8

North Endpoint - Specific: Decatur Parks & Recreation

South Endpoint - Specific: Adams Memorial Hospital

Notable Trailhead: - Decatur Parks & Recreation, St. Mary's Nature Preserve, Kekionga Park, Adams Memorial Hospital, American Legion Park



Type of Trail: Rail Trail, River Trail, Sidepath

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: walking, biking, hiking

Wheelchairs allowed: yes

Which uses NOT allowed: motorized vehicles

Attractive Features: Crosses St. Mary's River, St. Mary's Nature Preserve, connects to Kekionga Park and American Legion Park



Decatur-Adams County Parks & Recreation

231 E Monroe Street

Decatur, IN 46733

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More Information

The Rivergreenway Trail is Decatur’s premiere trail for alternative transportation, allowing residents greater access to far-ranging locations across the city without starting their car.  The trail has a presence on both sides of St. Mary’s River, and runs very close to downtown Decatur. It links with parks, the hospital, and commercial areas. Decatur is a more walkable and bicycle friendly city because of the Rivergreenway Trail.