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A key portion of the Circle of Health, Environment Health works in multiple ways.  First, a healthy environment rejuvenates the mind and improves mental health - see the studies below.  Second, trail groups tend to want their trails to run through beautiful and unique environments.  In both ways, Indiana Trails Community will advocate for and promote the environment as a means to better the health of the community at large.

This web page hopes to be a collection of resources for information relating to the environment, organizations that promote the environment and trails that pass through beautiful environments.  This will be a collection of Information from experts, peer-reviewed scientific research, and anecdotal stories published in news journals.  We hope you find this information beneficial!

The Central Indiana Land Trust has committed itself to planting a million trees, echoing DNR’s commitment to plant a million trees over the next five years.  We applaud CILTI’s aggressive plan, and look forward to the benefits these new 2 million trees will provide for Hoosiers!  Click here to learn more.

Foggy forest with trees and lichen covered rocks

Trails that navigate through beautiful environments:

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