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The White River Trail is a 4.75 mile long trail that follows the White River through downtown Indianapolis.  The trail starts just south of 38th street and runs south between White River Parkway and the river itself, crossing the river at 29th street near Heslar Naval Armory, passing Taggart Riverside Park, across Fall Creek, runs on both sides of the river south of 10th street past the VA, IUPUI, Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, to Washington Street where the trail continues south on the west bank only down to Lilly Recreation Park.  There are plans to continue the trail south to Southwestway Park south of Southport Road.  Along the way, the White River Trail connects to the Cultural Trail, Eagle Creek Trail, Central Canal Towpath, and the Fall Creek Trail.

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County: Marion

City: Indianapolis

Mileage: 4.75

South Endpoint - Specific: Lilly Recreation Park

Northeast Endpoint - Specific: 38th Street and White River Parkway

Notable Trailhead: Taggart Riverside Park, IUPUI, Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, Lilly Recreation Park

Near to US highways: US Highway 36, US Highway 40, Interstate 65, Interstate 70

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Type of Trail: River Trail

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: biking, walking, hiking, jogging, in-line skates, wheelchairs

Attractive Features: Runs along the White River through downtown Indianapolis, passing the Zoo and several parks and landmarks.

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Indy Parks and Recreation

Indy Parks Customer Service Center, Riverside Park

1720 Burdsal Parkway

Indianapolis, IN  46202


Trail Website

Trail Map

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More Information

From the INDY.GOV website:

White River Trail, 38th Street to Washington Street

The White River Trail is approximately 4.75 miles long. It starts at Riverside Regional Park and follows the White River to White River State Park. The trail connects to the Central Canal Towpath and passes several attractions, such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Lake Sullivan Sports Center, and the Indianapolis Zoo. Users can also access Monon Trail.

The White River canoe route can be found off the trail at Town Run Trail Park, Broad Ripple Park, the Indianapolis Arts Center, and Riverside Regional Park. The 16-mile route passes through dense woods and residential sections.
Once complete, the trail will be 23 miles long, connecting the greenways of Fall Creek, Eagle Creek, Pleasant Run, and Little Buck Creek. The trail will extend from the Indianapolis Zoo to Raymond St.

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