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The Rivergreenway is a network of trails that follow the major rivers of Fort Wayne; the St. Mary’s Pathway, the St. Joe Pathway, and the Maumee Pathway, all converging at Headwaters Park.  To the south and west, the St. Mary’s Pathway goes to Rockhill Park where trail users could take the Towpath Trail to the southwest side of Fort Wayne.  Further south the St. Mary’s Pathway goes through several parks, such as Foster Park, Tillman Park, and a collection of residential areas.  At the north end of St. Mary’s Pathway, the trail goes into Lawton Park where trail users can get on the Pufferbelly Trail.  To the north, the St. Joe Pathway follows the river from Headwaters Park to the Purdue University Fort Wayne campus, Ivy Tech campus, Concordia Lutheran High School, and the nearby Allen County War Memorial Coliseum - an arena and expo center.  To the east, the Maumee Pathway follows the Maumee River past Kreager Park to Moser Park in New Haven.  The Maumee River continues east to Toledo and empties into Lake Erie.

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County: Allen

City: Fort Wayne

Mileage: 25+

South Endpoint - General: Tilman Park

West Endpoint - General: Rockhill Park

North Endpoint - General: Purdue University Fort Wayne

North Endpoint - General: Moser Park

Notable Trailhead: Multiple Parks including Headwaters Park, Lawton Park, Bloomingdale Park, Promenade Park, and more.

Near to US highways: Interstate 69, Interstate 469, US Highway 24, US Highway 27, US Highway 30, US Highway 33

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Type of Trail: River Trail

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: cycling, walking, hiking, jogging

Which uses NOT allowed: motorized vehicles, equestrians

Attractive Features: Relaxing waterways and nearby watersports, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly bridges, and lots of parks.

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department

705 E. State Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN  46805

(260) 427-6000

Organization Website

Trail Website

Trail Map

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours

More Information

The Rivergreenway is the trail that links all of the other trails together and provides most of the active transportation routes to different parts of the city.  With a key role, many bus lines stop near the trail, and the bus service publishes a web page showing which lines and locations stop near trails to allow for multimodal transportation access across the city.


Fort Wayne Trails who provided the map above, is the not-for-profit pro-trails advocacy group in Allen County that promotes trail development for the county.  Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation owns and maintains the trails within city limits.  New Haven / Adams Township Parks & Recreation owns and maintains trails in their area.  Otherwise, the Allen County Highway Department owns and maintains trails outside of Fort Wayne and New Haven.

To report a problem on the trail text (260) 267-6716.

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours
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