Pleasant Run Trail is a 6.9 mile long trail that follows Pleasant Run from Ellenberger Park to Garfield Park.  The trail also goes through Christian Park, as well as passes Kin Hubbard Memorial, Thomas Carr Howe High School, Harlan Triangle Greenspace, Orange Park, and the conservatory at Garfield Park.  Trail users can get on the Red Line at the Garfield Park station along Shelby Street.

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County: Marion

City: Indianapolis

Mileage: 6.9

North Endpoint - Specific: Ellenberger Park

South Endpoint - Specific: Garfield Park

Connection to bus, rail: Red Line - Garfield Park Station

Notable Trailheads: Ellenberger Park, Christian Park, Garfield Park

Near to US highways: US Highway 40, US Highway 31, US Highway 52, Interstate 65

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Type of TrailRiver Trail

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: biking, walking, hiking

Attractive Features: Follows Pleasant Run through beautiful neighborhoods and historic parks in Indianapolis.

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Photo courtesy Will Hazen

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Indy Parks and Recreation

Indy Parks Customer Service Center, Riverside Park

1720 Burdsal Parkway

Indianapolis, IN  46202


Trail Website

Trail Map

Photo courtesy Will Hazen


More Information

From the Indy.Gov website:

The Pleasant Run Trail runs 6.9 miles. It begins at Ellenberger Park, runs through Christian Park, and ends at Garfield Park. All three parks have loop trails, providing an additional two miles of trail.


The trail runs along Pleasant Run Creek, roadways, and sidewalks. The trail connects to facilities such as the Kin Hubbard Memorial and the Garfield Park Conservatory.


Once complete, the Pleasant Run Greenway will run north toward I-70, south toward downtown, and connect to the White River Greenway.


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