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The Main Street Trail was completed in the fall of 2019.  The one-mile crushed limestone trail traverses a  gently contoured glacial moraine while passing through both fields and tree-canopied areas.  At the terminus, the path loops around a wildflower garden before returning to the trailhead to complete a two-mile trek.

The Main Street Trail offers an opportunity to meander or exercise while surrounded by beautiful scenery and an abundance of wildlife. Benches are placed at tenth-mile intervals to provide a beautiful setting for relaxation and contemplation.

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County: Grant

City: Upland

Mileage: 1

North Endpoint - General: On Main Street, across the street from Best-One Tire & Auto Care Upland

Notable Trailhead: Detamore Trailhead on South Main Street, South of the railroad bridge in Upland

Near to US highways: US Highway 35, Interstate 69

Photo Courtesy of Derek Zollinger

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Type of Trail: Shared Use Path / Trail

Surface: crushed stone

Uses allowed: walking, biking, hiking

Wheelchairs allowed: yes

Which uses NOT allowed: motorized vehicles

Attractive Features: Transitions between forest and field, wildflower garden at the end of the trail.


Photo Courtesy of Derek Zollinger

Anderson Trails: Opening Hours


Upland Area Greenways Association

PO Box 419

Upland, Indiana  46989

Agency Website

Photo Courtesy of Derek Zollinger

Anderson Trails: Opening Hours

More Information

The following video is from the Upland Area Greenways Association Website.  This video was produced in collaboration with Taylor University Film and Media Production.  This trail is only one of many in the Upland area.

Anderson Trails: Opening Hours
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