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The Knauf Greenway is a trail named by its sponsor, Knauf Insulation who donated the land for the trail.  The Knauf Greenway is still under construction. The Knauf Greenway will run from State Road 9 along the north side of the Big Blue River up to Interstate 74.  The Knauf Greenway will connect to the Blue River Trail - Shelbyville at State Road 9.

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County: Shelby

City: Shelbyville

Mileage: Under Construction

East Endpoint - Specific: Interstate 74 bridge over Big Blue River (Inaccessible)

West Endpoint - Specific: Blue River Trailhead on State Road 9

Notable Trailhead: Blue River Trailhead on State Road 9

Near to US Highways: US Highway 421

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Type of Trail: River Trail

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: walking, hiking, bicycling

Wheelchairs allowed: yes

Which uses NOT allowed: motorized vehicles

Attractive Features: Winds through pristine woodlands following Big Blue River

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Shelbyville Parks and Recreation

Carl McNeely Civic Center

945 S. Tompkins St.

Shelbyville, IN  46176


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Trail Map

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Anderson Trails: Opening Hours
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