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The Industrial Heritage Trail is a 5.8-mile trail that runs along the former Nickel Plate Road railroad tracks through Kokomo, linking up with the Nickel Plate Trail on the north side of Kokomo.  The trail runs through downtown Kokomo past Artist Alley, Depot District, Kokomo Opalescent Glass, Main Library, and the Visitor Center.

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County: Howard

City: Kokomo

Mileage: 5.8

North Endpoint - Specific: Nickel Plate Trail Trailhead

South Endpoint - Specific: 931 and Kokomo Creek

Notable Trailheads: Defenbaugh Trailhead, Nickel Plate Trailhead, Downtown Kokomo

Near to US highways: US Highway 31, US Highway 35

Connection to bus, rail:  City Line Trolley

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Type of Trail: Rail with Trail

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: walking, biking, running, rollerblading

Wheelchairs allowed: yes

Which uses NOT allowed: Motorized

Attractive Features: Follows Railroad, crosses Wildcat Creek, Downtown Kokomo

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Kokomo Parks & Recreation

1402 W. Defenbaugh Street

Kokomo, IN  46902


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Trail Website

Trail Map

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours

More Information

From the website:

The Industrial Heritage Trail is a local rail-with-trail that links together historic industrial sites in Kokomo's history and is currently 5.88 miles in length.  Along the trail, leaders of industry are and were once located.  The trail runs south just past Lincoln Road and north through Downtown Kokomo and connects to the Nickel Plate Trail.  It intersects the Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence just south of Superior Street.

The Kokomo Rubber Company, located near the intersection of Main and Markland produced the first pneumatic rubber tire in the United States.  Traveling south, the Haynes Automobile Company introduced America to the automobile.  Currently, Chrysler and Kokomo Opalescent Glass are located near the trail.  The trail has historic information markers near areas of significance.  In addition to learning more about the City of Firsts, there are also resting spaces along the trail.  One is near a piece of public art close to Kokomo Opalescent Glass.

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours
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