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Howard County was once named after a chief of the Miami, Jean Baptiste Richardville.  The name was changed from Richardville County to Howard County to honor an Indiana Representative to Congress.  Richardville’s Miami name was Pinšiwa, translated literally as Wildcat, thus his name lives on in Howard County, as a tributary of the Wabash River.  Kokomo, the county seat, is known as the “City of Firsts” because of the innovations developed in Kokomo, primarily driven by the automobile industry.  In southwestern Howard County is Russiaville, a Quaker settlement and stop on the Underground Railroad. To the east is Greentown, the site of a glass factory whose glasswares are desirable today.


Below are a list of trails and routes in Howard County

Henry County: Visit Us


Cloverleaf Trail

Comet Trail

Industrial Heritage Trail

Nickel Plate Trail

Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence



Henry County: List
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