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The Blue River is a roughly 3.5 mile long trail running from Lee Boulevard Trail, through Blue River Park, along the banks of the Blue River, through Kennedy Park, through downtown, Connects to the Knauf Greenway, past Sunset Park and the Sunset Park Loop Trail, past the baseball diamonds, to the West Side Connector.

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County: Shelby

City: Shelbyville

Mileage: 3.5

Notable Trailhead: Lee Boulevard Trail, Blue River Park, Kennedy Park, Knauf Greenway, Sunset Park

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Type of Trail: Sidepath, River Trail

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: walking, hiking, bicycling

Wheelchairs allowed: yes

Which uses NOT allowed: motorized vehicles

Attractive Features: Part of city-wide trail network, connects to Blue River Park, Kennedy Park, Sunset Park.

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Shelbyville Parks and Recreation

Carl McNeely Civic Center

945 S. Tompkins St.

Shelbyville, IN  46176


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Trail Map

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More Information

The Blue River Trail is the backbone of the trail network in Shelbyville.  The Blue River Trail connects to; east-side trails via Lee Boulevard Trail, north-side trails via Knauf Greenway, and west-side trails via the West-Side Connector.  The Blue River Trail goes into the downtown area following the beautiful Blue River. The Blue River Trail also connects to three parks; the Blue River Park, Kennedy Park, and Sunset Park, allowing trail users to take a break in those parks, or set any one of those parks as a recreational destination.  Additionally, the trail connects to the baseball diamonds off of Habig Road. Plans are in place for a connector trail to head south through downtown. This new trail will use the former railroad right of way south past Meridian Park Family Aquatic Center and link up with other trails planned on being built on the west-side of Shelbyville, creating a loop with the West-Side Connector.

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