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Wesselman Woods Park in Evansville, the third largest city in Indiana, situated in southwestern tip of Indiana, is an Indiana State Nature Preserve and National Natural Landmark.
Residing here are a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds some of which are woodpeckers, warblers, owls, and various songbirds. Rare species, such as salamanders are being protected at this park. Many wildflowers, bushes and shrubs, and a variety of trees can also be found at Wasselman Woods. In fact, some of the trees are over 300 years old, many exceeding 100 feet. There is the highest density of trees per acre of all the woods in Indiana.
Wesselman Woods Park shows a segment of the old Wabash and Erie Canal, with a former towpath, an old aqueduct, and a length of the Norfolk Southern Rail line. Interestingly, a 100 foot cross-section of the canal is clearly marked, which shows the life-sized context of the water course, towpath, and the outer berm. The cross section can be found between the north side of the north loop and the railroad track.
Over 6 miles of dirt walking trails allow visitors an extraordinary opportunity to view Indiana as it was before European settlers arrived, some of the lands of Wesselman having mostly remained untouched through a couple of centuries. A nature center on the western edge of the park offers hands-on educational exhibits, a wildlife observation area, and descriptions of much earlier times at Wesselman Woods.
The park also offers playgrounds, open areas, shelters, picnic areas and grills/trash receptacles, tennis courts, volleyball, batting cages, ball fields, and bike racks. Further, the park includes a large recycling center and golf course adjacent. Plenty of parking is available throughout this park. Many special events for the entire family are scheduled throughout the year.
On your next trip to Evansville, be sure to include a hike in Wesselman Woods and a visit to its other amenities.


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Type of Trail: 
Total Length of all segments: 
over 6 miles
Nature Center at 551 N. Boeke Rd., Evansville, IN 47711.