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Panhandle Pathway Ribbon Cutting - June 11, 2011

On an overcast Saturday afternoon, June 11, a ribbon cutting took place in Royal Center, Indiana, marking the opening of the newly paved Panhandle Pathway Trail to Kenneth, Indiana.

Dan Dolezal, recently retired head of economic development of Pulaski County, emceed the event, introducing Max Metzger of Royal Center and friend of the Pathway, to speak of the impact of the trail on the community:  preserving history, conserving the natural habitat along the path, converting the rail corridor land scar to a healthful recreational trail, and providing connectivity to the Indiana communities it lies along.

“The Panhandle Pathway…I’ll say it again offers, provides for at no cost, a clean hard surface to help us keep our bodies flexible and nimble, to strengthen our muscles and hearts!  Ride, walk or run, Cass County has a chance to be a healthy county!!”  commended Max, concerning the 21 mile corridor.

John Bawcum, President of the Friends of the Panhandle Pathway, then addressed the mostly local crowd, gratefully acknowledging the many people that it took to make the pathway a reality.  Included in the acknowledgement of significant contributors was the Indiana Trails Fund (ITF) which acquired the corridor under federal railbanking statutes, preserving the corridor and making the trail even possible.

Bob Bronson, Indiana Department of Natural Resources Section Chief, State and Community Outdoor Recreation Planning, Division of Outdoor Recreation, whose department was responsible to help obtain the funds needed to complete the trail, also spoke of the many people it took to develop the pathway.  Bronson’s department also helped allocate the funds, which took the work of Dawn Kroh, architect and president of Green-3 Corporation, in designing, developing and completing the trail.

Gerry Anspach of the bike committee of the Panhandle turned the crank of the tickets box for the raffle of the hybrid bike provided by Breakaway Bike and Fitness Shop in Peru, Indiana.

Following the ribbon cutting, a pack of cyclists, including some on recumbent bikes,  headed southward on  trail to the turnaround at Kenneth, Indiana. The weather, which had been comfortably warm, cooperated, with rain holding off until after most riders had returned. - Mario Vian

Some of the returning cyclists joined the Pioneer Days parade along Chicago Street to the engaging sounds of the Pioneer Marching Band.

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