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More Progress to Report on the Nationwide USBRS: Ginny Sullivan Reports on the Latest Accomplishments.

 Ginny Sullivan is the Director of Travel Initiatives for Adventure Cycling Association and the AASHTO Coordinator for the nationwide United States Bicycle Route System (USBRS). Ginny reported on the progress being made to complete the national bicycle route system. Recent confirmed routes are the north-south Number 23 in Tennessee and a section of the east-west Route 50 in Maryland.



Ohio’s approval of Route 50 is expected in the spring of 2014.
In its route across the United States, Route 50 is planned to cross Indiana, generally along the historic National Road (US 40).
Indiana’s motto of being the ‘Crossroads of America’ comes in to play with the USBRS. She emphasized the importance of getting route approvals in Indiana. Individual groups are working to create the routes for USBR 35, 40, 50 and 36 within the state. Routes 40, 50 and 36 cross east to west. Of high importance is Route 35 extending from Canada at Sault St. Marie south to the Gulf Coast. Michigan has already received approval of their section of USBR 35 extending 500 miles north-south through the state. She has expressed hope in completing Indiana’s section of USBR 35 in the next year.