Trails in Indiana

Lima Road Trail in Fort Wayne Indiana.

If plans hold, the Lima Road Trail under construction will eventually connect the northwestern part of Fort Wayne, Indiana to Huntertown, Indiana.

The trail system will tie some heavily commercialized roadways, notably Lima Road/Highway 3 and Dupont Road in northern Fort Wayne to scenic areas, providing new commercial and recreational cycling and pedestrian venues along established vehicular transportation corridors.
During this year (2010), the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), will pour 8 foot wide pavements on both sides of Lima Road/Highway 3, during the road widening efforts currently underway for the one and one half miles from Broadmoor Drive to Dupont Road, going north.
INDOT plans to pave eight foot corridors for the one and one half miles on both sides of the Lima Road/Highway 3 from Broadmoor Drive south to Ludwig Road during its road widening efforts in 2011.
Also under construction, a trail along the former  New York Central  Railroad corridor called the Pufferbelly Trail will connect to the southeast end of  the Salomon Farm Trail Loop, which encircles the property donated by its namesakes.
Funded expansions include the future paving of an east west trail along Dupont Road from Lima to Coldwater and a north-south trail from Dupont Road to Gump Road along the Lima Road/Highway 3 corridor.
These trails and trail expansions comprise the backbone of the northwestern Fort Wayne bicycle and pedestrian trail system, a system which approaches the pathway taken by the old Indianapolis and Grand Rapids Railroad line north along Lima Road.
Eventually, plans are to tie Huntertown to north Fort Wayne by a trail along Gump Road from the Old Lima Road in Huntertown to Coldwater Road in

Fort Wayne, allowing connection to the Lima Road corridor. Northern Fort Wayne will see new bike ped venues, as the old New York and Pennsylvania Railroad bed morphs into the Pufferbelly rail trail. (HRTC will report on this development as events unfold.)

Happy Trails!

-article by Mario Vian