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Indiana Trails Community Responds to Indy Star Article

The Indianapolis Star recently shared in print and online the article, "If Monon Trail gets too crowded, cities could make streets car-free, group says." Overall, we agree with the concepts in this article and want to suggest tangible local solutions. 


To help with overcrowding on the Monon Trail, temporary bike-pedestrian (ped) lanes could be made available on Winthrop and/or Cornell Avenues from Broad Ripple down to 54th or 52nd Streets. Car traffic can't go too fast down those streets, and this solution allows for diversification of walking and bicycling paths off the Monon Trail. For other street options, the City of Indianapolis has studied for large events, like the Mini-Marathon, which roads could be easily altered for bike-ped accommodations with minimal or no impact to businesses and residences.


Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

Another very viable option is simply bringing more awareness to all the trails available beyond the more well-known ones, like the Monon. A list of trails, maps, and routes can be found on and are being promoted on Facebook/IndianaTrails.


We've shared these suggestions with the Indianapolis Star. If you have ideas or questions, contact us at or call (317) 237-9348.


Take care, get outdoors, and be safe,

Your Indiana Trails Team

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