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Parke County is home to 31 covered bridges and three state properties; Turkey Run, Shades, and Racoon Lake.  The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, often referred to as the B&O, and the Pennsylvania Railroad, often referred to as the Pennsy, both had railroad tracks and facilities in Parke County.  CSX operates tracks that are still in service in Parke County.  Prior to the railroads, the Wabash and Erie Canal operated on the east side of the Wabash River through Parke County.  Parke County claims to have the largest festival in Indiana with its Covered Bridge Festival.  Rockville is the county seat and sits on US Highway 36 - thus the reason why it is called Rockville Road in Indianapolis.  The Rockville Chautauqua Pavilion is on the National Register of Historic People and hosted President Taft in 1915, drawing 8,000 people.


Below are a list of trails and routes in Parke County.

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