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Monroe County is well known for their limestone quarries (seen in the 1979 film Breaking Away) and being the center of higher education of Indiana with Indiana University in Bloomington.  In addition, for the 1910 census, Bloomington Indiana was found the be the average center of the population of the United States of America. In order to ensure a large enough water supply for the Monroe County population and the University, three artificial lakes were created; Lake Monroe, Lake Lemon, and Griffy Lake.  Prior to 2015, Monroe County was one of the largest counties in the nation without access to an Interstate, however this has changed as the I-69 extension has been built. Prior to 1979, Bloomington had rail access to Chicago, Miami, and points between.

Below are a list of trails and routes in Monroe County.

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B-Line Trail

Bloomington Rail Trail

Bloomington Trails

Clear Creek Trail

Heritage Trail

Jackson Creek Trail

Karst Farm Greenway

Limestone Greenway Trail

Morgan-Monroe Bike-Hike Trail

Polly Grimshaw Trail

Vernal Pike Connector Trail



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