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Hendricks County is one of the nine counties that are part of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.  Hendricks County includes Plainfield, Brownsburg, Avon, and the county seat, Danville. Plainfield was named after the Quakers who saw themselves as plain people.  Plainfield is on a direct path between Indianapolis and Terre Haute, as such, many transportation throughways passed through Plainfield, including the National Road (U.S. Route 40), railroads, interurbans, and later Interstate 70.  Part of the movie Hoosiers was filmed in the first schoolhouse gymnasium in Brownsburg. Brownsburg is on a direct path between Indianapolis, Crawfordsville, and Urbana - Champaign, as such, it was the home to stagecoach routes, interurban, railroads, and later Interstate 74.  Avon is named after the river in England, Avon. Avon High School is well known for their marching band, frequently named best in the state as well as best in the nation. In Danville, the former Sheriff's Residence is now the Hendricks County Historical Museum.

Below are a list of trails and routes in Hendricks County.

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Avon Greenways

B&O Trail

Clarks Creek Trail

Vandalia Trail

White Lick Creek Trail

Hendricks County: List
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