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Harrison County is home to Indiana’s first capital in Corydon which is also the county seat.  A ferry operated by the Mauck family was located at Mauckport, and the road from Mauckport to Corydon contributed greatly to the economy of the county.  This road spurred early state leaders to fund other early infrastructure projects such as roads and canals. Harrison County is home to part of Harrison-Crawford State Forest, O’Bannon Woods State Park, Hayswood Nature Preserve, and Wyandotte Caves - all making Harrison County a place full of natural splendor!  Daniel Boone’s brother, Squire Jr. settled in Harrison County. He owned a large tract of land with a cave on it that Squire felt to be sacred. Upon his death, he was buried in the cave per his wishes, where his remains still lay.


Below are a list of trails and routes in Harrison County

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