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a statement by Indiana trails community concerning covid-19 and governor holcolmb's stay-at-home order

Tips for Nature Trails During this Uncertain Time

In the midst of COVID-19 precautions, travel and sports have been limited. However, as humans, we’re beings who naturally need to move for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Remaining positive and helpful, Indiana Trails Community understands one thing remains open and available for walking, hiking, and running. Nature.  


“Scientifically, there have been dozens of studies linking being outdoors and nature with reduced stress and increased well-being, especially for kids who carry that appreciation into adulthood,” shared Gary Davis, General Manager of Indiana Trails Community, a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for bike-pedestrian trail ways throughout Indiana. 


According to the Department of Natural Resources website, Indiana offers more than 3,600 miles of local, state, federal and non-profit trails open to the public. Indiana has trails for all ages, abilities, and activities. Currently, Indiana does allow outdoor activity, such as walking, hiking, running, and bicycling, as long as the social distancing factor of 6 feet is observed.  


In conjunction with overall recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), specific tips for nature trails include:

  • Use social media, websites, email, or call to ask questions about trails before heading out. 

  • Trail users should self-assess how they’re feeling prior to going on a trail for their well-being and others. If feeling sick, stay home.

  • Avoid other people on the trails.

  • Trail users in Indiana should monitor local news in their given cities and counties for updates on any community restrictions of movement.

  • Understand that restrictions may vary between urban areas and rural settings, as population density and exposure to large groups is a factor in determining the need for shelter-in-place practices

Additional Resources:


Take care and stay safe,

Your Indiana Trails Team


About Indiana Trails Community

For 34 years, Indiana Trails Community has been a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for bike-pedestrian trail ways throughout Indiana and teaching about all the types of trails that exist and their benefits. They’ve been part of transitioning 140 miles of railway corridor for trail use.

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