Whitewater Memorial State Park, Quakertown State Recreation Area, Mounds State Recreation Area, and Brookville Lake are all part of the same complex of parks, nature preserves, and recreation areas on the east side of the state.  Outside of Whitewater Memorial State Park are a set of trails winding through Mounds State Recreation Area and Brookville Lake, totalling almost 41 miles of trails.  The complex of trails can be confusing, it is suggested that visitors download the trail map from the Department of Natural Resources website.



County: Franklin

City: Brookville

Mileage: 39.9

Near to US highways: Between US Highway 27 and US Highway 52



Type of Trail: Forest Trail

Surface: natural

Uses allowed: hiking, walking

Attractive Features: State Recreation Area, Brookville Dam



State of Indiana

Department of Natural Resources

Division of Parks and Lakes​



Agency Website

Trail Map Download


More Information


Note: For trail locations, view the property map.


1. Fairfield Trail (1.5 miles) MODERATE—Extends from the southwest end of Fairfield Causeway to the Mounds Beach road traveling by the lakeshore up through an old pine plantation and crop fields.


2. Glidewell Trail MODERATE—This trail has a long and short loop that takes you past a 2,000-yearold Native American mound. The long loop is 4.5 miles and the short loop is 2 miles.


3. Templeton Creek Trail (2 miles) MODERATE—Parallels the Mounds Beach road then crosses Templeton Creek and up to the Wildlife Wander Trail.


4. Wildlife Wander Trail (.7 mile) EASY—This selfguided trail is a short loop through a mature woods. Brochures available by trail sign.


5. Garr Hill Trail (1.8 miles) MODERATE—This trail goes through crop fields and woods to the Garr Hill Boat Ramp.


6. Scenic Trail (3.25 miles) MODERATE—This paved trail is great for bicycle riding and rollerblading. Goes from Garr Hill to Scenic Vista.


8. Eagle Trail (2 miles) Moderate —Travel through beautiful mature woods to arrive at the Bonwell Ramp road. Simply cross the road and walk to the far corner of the parking lot to continue on Bonwell Trail.


9. Bonwell Trail (1.5 miles) MODERATE—A short connecting trail from Bonwell to the top of the dam. To continue the Adena Loop, just cross the dam to the Wolf Creek Trail.


10. Midway Trail (2.2 miles) MODERATE—Easy access to Wolf Creek Trail. Small parking lot at the end of Keeler Road gives access to trailhead.


11.Wolf Creek Trail (16.5 miles) RUGGED—Primitive hiking trail traverses the hills and ravines on the west side of Brookville Lake. It crosses no public roads or buildings. Beautiful lake views in spring and fall. Trail ends at the Fairfield Causeway. To pick up the Fairfield Trail, continue back to the east side.




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