Sample Letter

A Sample Letter That Can Be Used To Contact the Governors of Indiana and Kentucky

Please feel free to modify this letter to better communicate your concerns and desires with your elected officials

To the honorable governors, Holcomb and Beshear;


I write to thank you for your support of trails in your respective states and ask for continued support for hike and bike accommodations in the Evansville and Henderson area with respect to the planning of the ORX 69 project, also known as the Ohio River Crossing 69.  While the current situation is not desirable with respect to those who utilize alternative transportation to cross from Henderson to Evansville or vice versa, it can still be done and has been the case in dozens of other major bridge locations nationwide.  


However, I am concerned that the current plans for the new Interstate 69 bridge project does not take into account the needs of those of us who do hike or bike.  It calls for current traffic to be relegated to one of the two current US Highway 41 bridges as the other is demolished.  This will increase traffic on what little infrastructure is left between these two great states, making the crossing even more dangerous for those who utilize alternative transportation.  


I ask that you instruct the program managers for this project to include a protected bike and hike lane as a means for those who do utilize alternative transportation to link our great states not only through roads but trails as well.


Thank you!

(317) 237-9348

1060 N Capitol Ave Suite C 130, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA

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