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Benefits of Trail Use

Research has demonstrated over and over the multitude of physical and mental benefits bestowed on trail users.  Even short trips along the trail can help clear the mind, strengthen the muscles, and raise metabolism.

This web page hopes to be a collection of resources for information relating to the benefits of trail use.  Information from experts, peer-reviewed scientific research, and anecdotal stories published in news journals.  We hope you find this information beneficial!


Masks And The Outdoor Exerciser: Advice For Runners, Bikers, Walkers, Hikers

This NPR article helps explain the protocol for those of us who want to protect others and ourselves when exercising outdoors. Is outdoor exercise appropriate during a pandemic when we should be staying home?  When should we wear a mask?  What type of mask should we wear and how do we care for it?  Please read this thoughtfully written article.

Join our host and General Manager, Gary Davis, as he speaks with special guest Terrell W. Zollinger, DrPH (and Epidemiologist) regarding how to balance our health and safety with the need to get outside and be physically active.

On this World Bicycle Day, we wanted to remind everyone of the health benefits of cycling.  We really enjoyed this article from the International Business Times who mentioned seven health benefits of regular bicycle use:

  1. Promotes Healthy Weight Management

  2. Prevents Lifestyle Disease

  3. Improves Leg Strength

  4. Improves Core Strength

  5. Reduces Cancer Risk

  6. Promotes Bone Health

  7. Promotes Mental Well-being


We hope you enjoy the article as well!

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