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Amos Road Trail is a 1-mile-long trail that follows Amos Road in Shelbyville from Progress Road in the south to Loper Road in the north.  Eventually, the trail will extend north to Broadway Street. Most recently, the trail added an extension to the William F. Loper school on Loper Drive.  The trail connects to the Progress Parkway Trail at the southern terminus.

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County: Shelby

City: Shelbyville

Mileage: 1.0

Notable Trailhead: William F. Loper School, Progress Road Trail Trailhead.

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Type of Trail: Sidepath

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: walking, hiking, bicycling

Wheelchairs allowed: yes

Which uses NOT allowed: motorized vehicles

Attractive Features: Part of city-wide trail network, Connects to William F. Loper School.

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Shelbyville Parks and Recreation

Carl McNeely Civic Center

945 S. Tompkins St.

Shelbyville, IN  46176


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Trail Map

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More Information

The Amos Road Trial is a key part of the city’s vision for alternate transportation for city residents, allowing residents an opportunity to explore and navigate the city without requiring the use of an automobile.  Eventually, the Amos Road Trail will also connect to the Progress Parkway Trail via Twin Lakes, creating a more valuable amenity for the residents of Twin Lakes. As the Amos Road Trail is extended north to Broadway Street, the bridge over the railroad tracks will be expanded to allow for a safe bike and pedestrian pathway.  Broadway will allow bicyclists and pedestrians easy access to amenities downtown. The Amos Road Trail will also allow users of the Central Park Walking Paths another way to join the city-wide trail network.

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