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The Mapleheart Trail is an 11.6 mile trail that connects Elkhart and Goshen while traveling along side the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks.  The trail connects to the Elkhart RiverWalk Trail and the Elkhart River Greenway Trail on the north end and Maple City Greenway, Millrace Canal Trail, and Pumpkinvine Nature Trail on the south end.  This trail provides an excellent way for cyclists to explore Northern Indiana Amish Country.

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Welcome


County: Elkhart

City: Elkhart, Goshen

Mileage: 11.6

North Endpoint - General: Elkhart

South Endpoint - General: Goshen

Notable Trailheads: Ox Bow County Park

Near to US highways: US Highway 33, US Highway 20

Connection to bus, rail: Interurban Trolley

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


Type of Trail: Rail with Trail

Surface: paved

Uses allowed: walking, biking, running, rollerblading

Wheelchairs allowed: yes

Which uses NOT allowed: Motorized

Attractive Features: Follows busy railroad, Ox Bow County Park, Connects City of Elkhart with Goshen, Oakridge Cemetery

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours


City of Elkhart and City of Goshen manage their portions of the trail, Elkhart County manages the rest of the trail.


Elkhart Parks & Recreation Department

1320 Benham Ave

Elkhart, IN 46516


Goshen Parks and Recreation

524 E. Jackson St.

Goshen, IN 46526


Elkhart County Parks

211 W. Lincoln Ave.

Goshen, IN  46526-3280


Trail Map

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours

More Information

From the Trail Map:

Following US 33 and the historic Lincoln Highway, the MapleHeart is a direct route between Elkhart and Goshen, connecting two cities with lots of food and entertainment options. The trail also parallels one of the busiest railroads in the region, making it a great route for train watching.


Ox Bow County Park is a nice halfway stop for a more natural landscape. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the prairie or take something to play catch for a quick game. Look for the pedestrian and cyclist entrance to the southeast of the main gate; non-motorized visitors enter for free.


Goshen to Ox Bow is the recommended section for casual bikers and walkers who prefer to stay off-road. Leaving and entering Elkhart requires a bit more confidence as the trail merges with local traffic.

Bailly and Chellberg Trails: Opening Hours
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