Trails in Indiana

This place sign marks the most prominent presence of the Pogue’s Run near its northern beginning at I-70 and Emerson Avenue on the city's east side. The Pogue's Run Art and Nature Park contains 22 ½ acres, serving as art park, wetland bird preserve , nature park and flood control retention pond.


Tree lined Pogue’s Run traverses Brookside Park and Spades Park, part of an over 100 acre recreational area harkening back to the 1920’s, part of the George Kessler designed greenway system for Indianapolis.


As the stream approaches closer to the center of town, it meanders through the near east side and through the antique grounds of the former armory, now Arsenal Technical High School, on Oriental Street.


Across Oriental Street the creek overlook is protected by scenic bridge railing. On some quiet days one might hear the playful stream gurgling under its bridge on on North Highland Avenue.



The stream easily shows itself here as it crosses playfully under its bridge at Highland Street.

HRTC’s own Rail Trail Girl scouts out the narrow blue thermoplastic line that marks the course of Pogue’s run underneath the 900 block of east New York Street. Artist Sean Derry began this project in 2004 of tracing Pogue’s run in its meanderings under the city by placing a thermoplastic blue line on above ground surfaces.


And from under the field, the thermoplastic blue line comes out here, at the I-70 exit ramp, leading to I-70 East and I-65 going North, at Exit 110.

Here at the Marion County Jail Annex at Davidson and Market Streets, the Pogue’s Run tracing reappears and continues winding south and west.

Under Market the run extends from its approach north through (under) the Marion County Jail processing center visitor parking lot, heading further south and west.

Here, seen again from the north side of Washington Street, the blue Pogue’s Run marker makes its way under the railroad tunnel.

The monument. The medallion in the concrete by the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center is also known as a monument.

The run comes a little more south and west and flows under the Service Supply Company building.

Then it heads to the Heliport finding its way to the East Street tunnel under the heliport, the flow goes further south.


It seems to head straight south, but it takes a quick jog back to the east.

Then keeps to its southwesterly route down under the tunnel.....


... emerging back on the sunny south of East Street, another marker awaits.

Pogue’s Run monument again verifies the course of our brave stream as it heads to the newly paved parking lot of Anthem Building.

The tracing reappears right before crossing Virginia Avenue under the bridge.

Here, this now storied stream has crossed under the bridge and heads toward the Conseco Fieldhouse on the other side, the ribbon of blue emerges and shows up to travel under the tracks leading to Union Station at Louisiana and Meridian Streets in the Wholesale District.


A picture of the bridge under which it crosses.


Out the back of Union Station it continues.

Crossing South Street, the little run heads toward Eli Lilly property.

As the creek curves it goes west under and emerges from a parking garage at Illinois Street.

The thin blue line comes back out the back of the maintenance facility south of Merrill Street and west toward Lucas Oil Stadium.

Our story picks up again about a mile away,again towards the south and west to south White River Parkway East , Drive, where a scant Pogue’s Run merges with the great White.

An almost ignoble end to this trek, the scene shows Pogue’s Run flue.

Our prized run’s final destination marked by the monument in the concrete noting its confluence with the river.