Trails in Indiana

  1. Lori Keys, Executive Director of the not for profit group FW Trails, talks about grassroots trail development, trail advocacy, people power and what is so special about Fort Wayne

    Fort Wayne

    April 2012

  2. Metamora is a small town, but its history is quite impressive, and it certainly offers many kinds of trails to view in our country's evolution.

    Metamora, Franklin County - Indiana.
    10.46 minutes.

    2010 / 11

  3. Interview with the founders of the B&O trail

    Brownsburg, Indiana.
    15.00 minutes



    There is a lot of excitement growing in Bedford now. The town has just been awarded a Stellar Grant from the State that will offer a substantial fund to enhance the quality of life of the entire population. But just before all of this became a reality, something else was borne in Bedford. After long negotiations, The Indiana Trails Fund, Inc. was able to lease the 21 mile Milwaukee Road rail corridor that goes from Bedford to Crane, and, soon after, start to engage the community of the town to build support for the creation of Phases 0 and 1 of the trail, that runs three miles westward through Bedford. This video is a short documentary that plays witness to the passion and dedication of a group of volunteers of this community. Each bringing in their talent, expertise, or simply the willingness to help; they have already made basic improvements to 12 of 16 bridges in a span of five months just meeting on Saturdays. Even if for each one of these people the meaning of volunteering has a different purpose; the meaning follows the one that older communities have outlined building trails like the Cardinal, the Nickel Plate, and countless others: Make the place where we live, a better place to stay, and be proud of it because we helped to build it like that. As it becomes evident from the people interviewed in the video, the heritage coming from the fierce battles the early groups had to fight to create the first trails has had a ripple effect all around the country. A built trail is a concrete example of what the power of the people can pursue, and there is no reason why another community cannot do the same. With friendship, passion and vision for a better future for our lives, it is possible!

    2013 / 08 / 17

  5. Beverly Katterhenry talks about 4th Annual Fundraiser Event in Speedway Indiana

    Speedway, Indiana