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Zionsville Trail System



Matt Dickey, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation talks about the development of parks and trails in Zionsville, Indiana.


The Zionsville Rail Trail runs northward for all uses including wheelchairs as it is asphalt-coated and relatively flat. It is a fairly secluded and harbors lots of wildlife. Continuing, the Zionsville Rail Trail passes an old grassy forest before tunneling under the intersection of Ford Rd., Mullberry St., Whitestown Rd., County Rd. 975 East on the outskirts of Zionsville, eventually leading hikers, bikers, rollerbladers into residential neighborhoods. The trail is very well-maintained and the lack of roadway intersections make it safe. The Zionsville Rail path is adjacent to many city parks and walking-distance from the Zionsville Golf Course.

Northward, the Zionsville Rail Trail passes by Mulberry Fields State Park which offers such as a skate park, soccer and lacrosse fields, a kiddy park and kiddy water park, a playground, and sledding hill. Zionsville Middle School is in this area. The endpoint of the trail is located at 875E. Crossing the street is under construction the Heritage Park, with a 12 foot loop trail which will become the Trailhead of the Zionsvile Rail Trail, totaling 4.0 miles.

Future plans for the Zionsville Rail Trail include connecting the trail northward to Whitestown and another mile northwest to 800E. This is all to be part of the Farm Heritage Trail (See our “Farm Heritage Trail”), connecting Indianapolis to Prophetstown, just north of Lafayette.

Parking is available, north of the Nancy Burton Memorial Park, at the Zionsville Christian Church where there is a rest area open to all. This includes a playground, water station, and picket fencing. Further north can be found more parking at the American Legion Park (near the American Legion Hall) providing trash receptacles, playgrounds, doggy clean-up areas, trail maps, bike racks, and drinking fountains. Note: there is no parking at the very southern or northern terminus of the trail.


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Type of Trail: 
Urban Trails
Total Length of all segments: 
20 miles
Agency, Group Owned: 
Zionsville Park and Recreation Department
Matt Dickey
1075 Parkway Drive – Zionsville, IN 46077