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Whitewater Memorial State Park




 For trail locations, bring the map with you.

The hiking trails are designed for foot traffic only. No bicycles, rollerblades, horses or motorized vehicles are allowed on the hiking trails. Hiking trails are marked with wooden routed signs as well as white fiberglass marker posts with the hiking symbol on it.

1. Memorial Loop (2.5 miles) Moderate — Easily accessed from many different locations, this trail travels along the eastern shore of Whitewater Lake through a variety of forest types.

2. Cattail Alley Trail (1 mile) Moderate — Accesses the family campground to the beach area of Whitewater Lake. The northwest end of the trail is marked by acres of cattails, providing great habitat for many species of waterfowl and other birds.

3. Red Springs Loop (1.2 miles) Moderate — This loop trail can be accessed from the spillway parking lot or the Nature Preserve parking lot. The majority of the trail meanders through the Hornbean Nature Preserve and past large seep springs that gush from the hillsides, leaving its minerals and iron deposits to cast a rusty color over the surface water. This is a wonderful trail for spring wildflowers.

4. Lakeshore Trail (2.7 miles) Moderate —(.5 mile) Short Loop—The short loop and longest trail starts and ends at the Hornbeam Nature Preserve parking lot. It traverses through hills and valleys of beautiful hardwoods along the western shore of Whitewater Lake. The half-mile short loop is at the beginning—watch for wooden signs. The long trail turns around at the wooden steps and observation deck.

5. Veterans Vista Loop (2 miles) Moderate — This trail offers a spectacular view of Brookville Lake, winding through fields and forests in the Silver Creek and family-cabin areas.

Description of Bridle Trails (9 miles)—The large loop trail that traverses around the edge of the property can be accessed from the Day Horsemen’s Area or the Horsemen’s Campground. The saddle barn trail is exclusively for saddle barn patrons. Horses must stay on designated horse trails at all times.


For more Info check Indiana Department of Natural Resources



Type of Trail: 
Park Trails
Total Length of all segments: 
18.5 miles
Uses allowed: 
Agency, Group Owned: 
Whitewater Memorial State Park
Mailing Address: 
1418 S. SR 101, Liberty, IN 47353
(765) 458-5565