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White River / Wapahani Trail – Indy




The White River Wapahani Trail, winding along the banks of the White River, is truly a trail with history in it’s making. The name “Wapahani” comes from the Delaware Indiana’s tribe’s word for White River. The White River makes a winding path through the city, 27 miles from the northeast corner to the southwest. For more information about this important river, go to: Making home in this river are many species of small fish, small animals and invertebrates, and deer, coyote’s, or red fox can possibly be spotted. A variety of ducks and birds, like the blue heron inhabit the White River in Indianapolis too.
The White River Wapahani is is an important trail that links to the Central Canal Towpath on it’s North endpoint and the Canal Walk downtown; both very scenic trails. This path also links to the Southern portion of another trail of interest, the Fall Creek Trail. The Wapahani will eventually connect to other trails such as the Eagle Creek and Pleasant Run Trails. Trail users can also get to the popular Monon Trail via the Wapahani Towpath or a cross town connection on St. Clair Street.
The White River Wapahani is paved in asphalt, thus appropriate for walking, jogging, biking, rollerblading, etc. Canoeing and kayaking is permitted on the river adjacent to the trail.
The White River Wapahani is amidst dense woods and interesting, diverse residential sections. There are several interesting spots to note. Within a mile of the North end point can be found the Indianapolis Museum of Art, a real jewel in the city, with a variety of venues to offer both indoors and outdoors, all at no cost, and the historic Crown Hill Cemetery, where such figures as Benjamin Harrison, James W. Riley, and John Dillinger are buried. The highest land point in Indianapolis is where James W. Riley, famous poet, is buried. Also within a mile of the Northern terminus of the White River Wapahani Trail is the Major Taylor Velodrome, where there is a bicycling track as well as dirt bike course. Just a few blocks East of the trail is Marian College, a beautiful small university featuring such historic buildings as the Stokely and Allison mansions.
Along the way of the Wapahani can be found two golf courses, Riverside and Coffin Golf Courses, both open to the public. Another finding adjacent to the White River Trail is Riverside Park which has a play ground, picnic areas, tennis courts, ball fields, and an aquatics center. Nearby is Hasler Naval Armory, an active Naval base.
Heading south on the scenic Wapahani, one eventually arrives downtown, right at the Central Canal walk with its many fountains, benches, paddle boats, bicycles, and other items of recreation available for rent. Within a mile around the Wapahani, is home to the newly built White River State Park, Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens with a large greenhouse, the Indiana State Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum of Native American History, and the IMAX theatre. All good for hours, even days of pleasure and interest. About a mile east, can be found the modern Circle Center Mall, with a large variety of interesting shops, boutiques, restaurants, and a food court. Along the way to downtown one can discover the Indiana Repertory Theatre, an historic, beautiful theatre operating 9 months out of the year with a variety of plays and dance performances.
November 15, 2013 marked the opening of a 2.06 mile extension south from the White River Gardens, connecting with West Raymond Street. Crossing under six bridges, you are traversing along the edge of the shimmering river below the earthen levees.
 If you want to see a lot of diversity and some pleasant surprises, get your sports attire ready and check out the White River Wapahani Trail!


Type of Trail: 
River Bank
Part NOT open: 
Total Length of all segments: 
Uses allowed: 
Walking, biking, rollerblading, cross county skiing, canoeing adjacent
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Wheelchair Accessible platforms
Attractive Features: 
Lots of wildlife, Indianapolis Museum of Art, IUPUI, Downtown Canal Walk, Zoo.
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
38th Street - White River West Drive.
South Endpoint – General: 
W Raymond Street
Direction to #2 from #1: 
Notable Trailhead: 
Major Taylor's Veldrome, River Side Park, White River State Park, Riverside Regional Park
Near to US highways: 
I-65 to exit 119, Turn Southwest onto Cold Spring Road and park at Major Taylor's Velodrome, Walk Northeast towards 38th Street and White River to begin the Trail. To get to the major tailor Velodrome, which provides a large parking area near the north end of the White River trail, hence, the north trailhead, take I-65 to the north west side of Indianapolis. When traveling northbound on I-65 at the 116 exit, take the 30th Street exit, westbound. When traveling southbound on I-65 at the 117 mile exit, take the Martin Luther King Road southward one block to 30th street, westbound. Take 30th street westbound until it crosses White River, then turn right, northbound, onto White River Park west drive. Go north to the interstate bridge and turn left immediately before the bridge. You may park on this road, which is in front of Lake Sullivan, or take this road along the interstate about 200 yards to turn left into a driveway which enters into the Major Taylor Complex, which includes the M. T. Velodrome, a skate park, a BMX track, and free parking. From the parking lot, walker or bicycle on the same road as you came, along the interstate, to The White River West Drive. From here enter the asphalted White River Trail.
Major Trailhead: 
Major Taylor's Velodrome, White River State Park, Riverside (Regional) Park.
Agency, Group Owned: 
City of Indianapolis, Indy Greenways
Al Ensley; Greenways Manager
900 East 64th Street – Indianapolis, IN 46220
Mailing Address: 
900 East 64th Street Indianapolis, IN 46220
Temp: (317) 327-7431 (317) 327-7432