Trails in Indiana

Volunteers, Donors, Community Donors for Phases 0,1,2 of the Milwaukee Trail.


The ribbon-cutting held on Friday, October 3, 2014

to open the first 5.5 miles of the Milwaukee Trail could not have been possible without the support of a community of volunteers and donors who gave their time, money, and in-kind services to build this trail.

A heartfelt THANK YOU is extended to:


who have given hundreds of hours of their time, creativeness and camaraderie to build the trail.

 Kim Allen  Aedan Anderson  Thomas Anderson
 Lynn Andrews  Daniel Baker  Kevin Banker
 Bob Barber  Joe Barger  Karen Barger
 Jack Barnes  Ken Barnes  Shannon Baxter
 Gary Beasley  Ruthie Beasley   Mike Beaver
 Jeff Bell  Kim Binford  Elder Blagman
 Thomas Bobbs   Zane Bobbs  Waunona Bradford
 Bill Brenner  Harley Brown  Kyndall Brown
 Linda Brown  Elder Bruckman  Kaal Buch
 Becky Buher  Kathleen Bullock  Kevin Bullock
 Olivia Bullock  Sarah Bullock  Jacob Carroll
 Tonya Chastain  JoAnna Kai Cobb  Jerome Cole
 John Paul Cole  Mary Cole  Patrick Cole
 Michael Corbin   Jeremy Corner   Brad Crane
 Albert Cross  Albert Cross (son)  Tod Curtis
 Emily Dalton  Brentlee Daugherty  Pedro DeJesus
 Marty Denesha
 Bobbi Derheimer  Jessica Draper
 Brian Eagans  Jim Edwards  Butch Fish
 Josie L. Fisher   John Flinn  Estéban D. Flores
 Greg Flynn  Jeanna Flynn  Scott Forthofer
 Adam Foust  Anthony Garrett  McKenna Garrison 
 Roger H. Giles  McKayla Gilson   Ramzis A. Girgis
 Shawna Girgis  Tim Goodin  Diana Gootee
 Logan T. Grissom  Kathy Hammel  Mike Hane
 Ethan Harms  Todd Harris  Don Hatfield 
 Aaron Hawkins  Hadley Hawkins  John Highhouse
Jim Hillenburg   Athena M. Homminga  Curtis Jewell
 Cory Johnson  Martin Johnson  Craig N. Jones
 Marla Jones  Matt Judah  Micah Keith
 Larry Lafferty  Dan Leach  Kim Lewis
 Teena Ligman   Tim Lynch  Kara Leigh McCameron
 Jameson McCracken  Ryan McDuffee  Krista McNeely
 Claris Melvin  Pat Merchant  Erica Miller
 Mark Misner   Kyle Moore  Trey Moore
 Jim Mount  Ashley Murphy  Bobbie Murphy
 Isaac Murr  Ruben Murr  Vivian Nicholson
 Chase Nikirk   Cade Nolan  Dave Northland
 Josh Overfield  John Ozechowski  James Pantzer 
 Michael Parvey
 Emma Pate
 Bob Patrick
 Chase Patrick  Jason Patrick  Mabel Patrick 
 Sam Bob Patrick  Debbie Patton  Paul Patton
 Jim Pentzer  Harold Peters  Pete Peters
 James Peutzer  Larry Phelps  Marcey Phillips
 Madison Pittman Ralph Price   Kevin Prince
 Seth Ramey  A J Reynolds  Ashlyn Reynolds
 Michael Brent Reynolds  Robbin Ricketts  Sean Ricketts
 Claude Ritchey  Ray Robison  Tyler Sanders
 Sadie Sasser  Kaiti Siedl  Avery Silvers
 Dennis Silvers  Shawn Smith   Ted Smith
 Bruce Sparks  Chuck (Charles) Sproull  Logan Streich
 Mykah Streich  Doug Sweeney  Brandon Teague
 Dustin Teague  James Teague  Ken Teague
 Barbara Terry  Olivia Thomas  Trudie Thorne
 Angie Timan  Brenda Titus  Rod Titus
 Jack Tyree  Jim Underwood  Jo Ann Underwood
 Jill Vance  Debra Vester  Chris Waggoner
John F. Wagner
Ron Wagner 
 William M. Wagner
 Brian Webb  Conner Webb  Emily Webb
 Karoline West  Jack Wildman  Tyler Wilson
 Kristin Wintin     





who have supported the building of the trail with monetary contributions

Greg A. Baugh Amy S. Brothers Terri L. Brown
Sally A. Bullock Charles E. Caraway Sharon K. Downham
Ashley Edwards Butch Fish Sandra K. Hatfield
Michelle L Johnson Teena Ligman David S. and Deborah A. Moorman
Debbie and Paul M. Patton Marcey Phillips and Jason Patrick Harold B. and Sharon K. Qualkinbush
Patrick W. and Sharon L. Robbins Ann M. Ryan Mark E. and Susan Scherschel
James Edmonson Voris    











Community Donors

who, as individuals, organizations and commercial enterprises; have given time, advice, manpower, food, materials or the use of equipment in support of this development.

City of Bedford, Indiana
Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce
Bedford Hiking Club
Belly Busters Concessions
Ben's Quarry LLC
By The Glass Productions
Central Church of Christ
Community Foundation Partnership, Inc. Lawrence County Community Foundation
Debonair Designs
Elliott Stone Company
Pat Estell
Flynn and Sons Excavating & Paving
Gary's Welding and Machining
General Motors CET
Diane Gootee
Healthy Balance Health Club
Indian Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department
Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish & Wildlife
Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Bloomington
In-Fab Inc.
Johnny's Signs
Bill Johnson
Land of Limestone Master Gardeners
Lawrence County Commissioners
Lawrence County Growth Council
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department
Lawrence County Tourism Commission
Lawrence County Women's Cycling Club
Kim Lewis
Darrin McCulogh
Mikels Signs
Mine Equipment Services
Mundell & Associates
Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane Division
Prince Sandblasting
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service
Shawswick Township Volunteer Fire Department
Ruth Siddens
Sigma Steel
Stone Cutters Cafe
Subway Crane
Terry's Farm Fencing
The Indiana Rail Road Company
Travis Thorne
Times-Mail Newspaper