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Turkey Run State Park Trails




All trails have portions that use ravine streambeds as trail surface, so some sections can become slick and trail tread uneven. Parts of these trails may be impassable during high water and should be considered closed during such times and alternate trails used.

*The ladders used on this trail can be hazardous for visitors with some medical conditions or disabilities. Hikers with small children and pets should use alternate trails.

1. MODERATE/RUGGED (3 miles)—The big-tree trail. Fine sycamores and several huge black walnut trees; covered bridge. Portions may be impassable during high water.

2. RUGGED (1 mile)—Follows under cliff edges. A trail for the more adventurous. Be careful.

*3. VERY RUGGED (1.7 miles)—The ladders trail. Unusual hiking between the steep walls of both Rocky and Bear hollows. Be careful. Portions may be impassable during high water.

4. MODERATE/RUGGED (2 miles)—Follows a fine little valley to the Lusk home, past the old quarry and coal mine. Portions may be impassable during high water.

5. MODERATE (.7 mile)—Fine trees; 140 steps (going down is from the west.)

6. MODERATE/RUGGED (.5 mile)—Short hike through a deep canyon. Trail meanders across a stream on steppingstones. May be impassable during high water.

7. MODERATE (.7 mile)—Virgin wood, hemlock trees. Portions may be impassable during high water.

8. MODERATE (1.5 miles)—Peaceful trail with moderate hiking that follows a small creek.

9. VERY RUGGED (1 mile)—The best trail to see virgin wood is also the most rugged. Be careful.

10.MODERATE (1.4 miles)—To “Camel’s Back;” fine scenic view. Many unusual formations due to erosion.

11.EASY (.5 mile)—A short hike high above Turkey Run Hollow to the Lieber Memorial and Log Church.


 Check out what the Friends of Turkey Run and Shades State Parks are doing helping preserve the natural and cultural assets of the park.

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