Trails in Indiana

Pulaski County Bike Route #1

Winamac / Monterey

Pulaski County Bike (and Hike) Route #1 (called “P”) is a 14.1 mile – 22.8 Km, level, on (asphalt county) road route, connecting Winamac, County Seat, with Monterey, trail central for Northwest Indiana, as shown on this map.

Because this bike route share roads with cars, bicyclist should follow the rules of the road, and exercise safe and competent cycling.
P1 is denoted by 6 inch by 24 inch signs. These signs include the bicycle and P1 logo, the Winamac or Monterey destination, the directional arrow, and the distant to go to the destination.

Signs are metal posts, which are located at or, one hundred fifty feet from intersections.
Signs may indicate a turn or a straight direction.
Signs are spaced no more than two miles apart, and are generally on one’s right.

 If no signs are at curves or intersections, cyclists should fallow the bends on the road and / or continue straight at intersection.
P1 is designed to link the Panhandle Pathway to Monterey, and thereby complement the North, East, and West bikeways out of Monterey. This creates the southward spoke to Winamac.

 Southward from Winamac, the Panhandle Pathway will link to Logansport and points toward Indianapolis.

Other bikeways are planned to radiate into neighborhood counties, throughout western Indiana, and by extension into Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.
These connections are to position Monterey as trail central for Northwest Indiana.

 P1 is a cooperative effort of the friends of the Panhandle Pathway, the Pulaski government, and the Indiana Trails Fund with sponsorships from both the Kodak American Greenways Award Program as administered by the Conservation Fund, and the Hoosier Rails to Trails Council.


Type of Trail: 
Bike Route
Uses allowed: 
Bike, Hike