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Press Release Blue River Trail in Shelbyville

Blue River Trails Project awarded Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) TAP/Enhancement Funds through INDOT.

The City of Shelbyville has announced that the Indiana Department of Transportation has awarded the Blue River Trails project $2,105,600.00 for use developing the Blue River Trails along the Big and Little Blue Rivers.

"The City of Shelbyville, Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department and Shelby County Tourism and Visitors Bureau have worked hard in developing a comprehensive plan for Shelbyville and Shelby County regarding the trail system", states Mayor Tom DeBaun.

"This is cause for celebration for the entire county, as this lends to our abilities to provide a superior quality of life initiative for our residents and visitors alike."

Both the Big and Little Blue Rivers flow through the heart of town, and the Blue River Trails system promises to highlight the natural beauty of the rivers and their ecosystems. Once complete, the trail system will span from Babe Ruth Park to the west- to Blue River Memorial Park to the east.

"The trail system will accommodate pedestrians both on foot and on bicycles. Rest areas will be strategically positioned along the entire 3.5 mile corridor," explains Karen Martin, Parks and Recreation Director. "A branding effort is underway, and a logo for the trail system will be released within the week. Part of the beauty of the trail is the education component, as the Bears of Blue River story will be featured in placards along the trail."

"Stipulations require that we follow a proper schedule and submit appropriate paperwork as the project progresses, but our time investment promises to provide such a tremendous trail system to our county citizens.   Our hard work will be worth it!" declares the Mayor.

The funding for this project will be available in 2017 therefore adequate time will be available for public input regarding design and construction.

For more information regarding the Blue River Trails project, call the City of Shelbyville, Mayor's Office at 317-398-6624.

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