Trails in Indiana

O'Bannon Woods State Park

Harrison - Crawford



Note: For trail locations, view the property map under the MAPS tab.

AA. FIRE TOWER TO ROCKY RIDGE BIKE AND HIKE TRAIL (2 miles) MODERATE TO RUGGED— Begins at the fire tower and travels west, intersecting with the Rocky Ridge Trail. Combined with the Rocky Ridge Trail and with a return to the fire tower this route provides 6 miles of mountain biking and hiking trail. Parking, comfort station and water are available at the fire tower.

A. ROCKY RIDGE BIKE AND HIKE TRAIL (2 miles), MODERATE—Begins and ends near campsite 35. This loop trail passes through deep ravines and up scenic, rocky slopes. Parking and water are available at the campground.

B. TULIP VALLEY TRAIL (2 miles), MODERATE— Begins across from the Group Camp, passes through the woods in front of Hickory Hollow Nature Center, and continues up the ridge to the campground. One mile of this trail is universally accessible from the Nature Center.

C. CCC GHOST TRAIL (1.25 miles), RUGGED—This trail begins and ends at the Group Camp and follows both sides of a dry creekbed. Be prepared for long, steep climbs and rocky descents. Parking is available at the Group Camp.

D. CLIFF DWELLER TRAIL (1.75 miles), MODERATE—This loop trail crosses a dry creekbed, follows a beautiful, spring-fed creek and has some long stretches of climbing. Parking is available at the Pioneer Shelter House.

E. WHITE-TAILED DEER TRAIL (1 mile), EASY—This trail begins at the entrance to Shelter House 2 picnic area and ends at the bottom of Shelter House 2 parking lot.

F. OHIO RIVER BLUFF TRAIL (1.5 miles), Rugged—This loop trail captures vistas of what the early settlers saw while traveling down the Ohio River. Follow the rocky escarpment bluff, as it meanders down to the horse trail from Shelter House 2 and back to the lower parking lot. It then skirts under the edge of the bluff and up the rock staircase, built by the CCC, back to the shelter.

G. POST-OAK CEDAR NATURE PRESERVE TRAIL (.8 miles), RUGGED—This trail is on Cold Friday Road, 1.5 miles south of the main property office. The Division of Nature Preserves requests that you register at the trailhead before entering the nature preserve.

H. SHARP SPRING TRAIL (1 mile), EASY to MODERATE— This trail loops around the perimeter of Wyandotte Wetlands and passes Sharp’s Spring on the lake’s backside. The parking lot shelter provides a beautiful spot for a picnic.








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