Trails in Indiana

Noblesville Trails/White River Greenway

The Noblesville/White River Greenway Trails offer many interesting finds while providing beautiful scenery in northwestern Hamilton County. The trail commences at the northwest corner of the old and beautiful Hamilton County Courthouse. This is the corner of Logan Street running east/west and Eighth Street running north/south. The new and much more modern and beautiful Hamilton County Courthouse is right across the street on the west side of the old Courthouse. There are many restaurants and businesses on this square, and even more in nearby downtown Noblesville. Bike rack spaces, car parking spaces, benches, and trash receptacles are all found on the courthouse square. In addition a Museum of History sits at the southwest corner of the courthouse.
Beginning at the Courhouse, the trail user walks along the the mostly inactive “Nickel Plate” Railroad, before crossing White River on a boardwalk bridge, which is constructed on the side of the rail bridge. Before a bridge, a ferry crossed the river, charging a nickel. The trail is tree-lined on one side, and follows the Nickel Plate for awhile on the other. The trail soon enters Forest Park, which has many amenities to stop for such as picnic tables, shelters, grills, playgrounds including a climbing wall, water and restrooms. Also featured are a skateboard park, a large aquatics center with play stations and a water slide. In addition, one can find a miniature golf course called the “Tom Thumb Golf,” trash receptacles with plastic bags for a dog, lots of wildlife and many sculpted garden plots can be explored. Further, the Forest Park Inn, tennis courts, Logan Field Ball Park, and Hague Road Park, another city park which offers many trails, can all be found in and near Forest Park.
On the northside of Forest Park, at a “T,” a trail user can continue either northeast or northwest. Heading northwest, one passes Fox Prairie Golf Course and Noblesville Soccer Fields. One can see such diversity as mansions to barns along this path. The ending terminus of the Noblesville Trail is at Morse Park, which borders Morse Lake, with lots of parking. One can hike, play disc golf, boat or swim at this park. There are beautiful views of Morse Reservoir here, including a view of the damn. The trail turns into a sidewalk then back to asphalt at this park.
Heading northeast from the T, a little ways, the trail exits Forest Park. It mostly parallels the White River, with scenic views, continuing northward until it ends at Potter’s Bridge, an old but nicely maintained pedestrian covered bridge. This northern terminus also sports picnic tables, bike racks, water, restrooms, trash receptacles, benches, a playground, and car parking.
Come hike or bike the Noblesville/White River Greenway Trail and find many delights in central Hamilton County.