Trails in Indiana

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway Is Open!


The Indiana Trails Fund, Inc. has teamed up with volunteers to build one of the most beautiful and unique pedestrian and bicycle trails in the state. 

The fruits of more than a century of man’s labors in limestone quarries have coalesced with the bountiful beauty and gifts of Mother Nature to create a landscape not found elsewhere in Indiana.

Massive piles of limestone blocks, the remains of quarries and out-of-place single slabs define the green spaces from which Nature has flourished.

Located in the heart of Indiana’s Limestone Country, The Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway will inevitably become a destination trail for Indiana and the surrounding states because of its location and length. When completed it will run more than 19 miles from Bedford to Crane, Indiana. The official end of the trail will be in Indian Springs, Indiana.

Bedford, Indiana; the city that put Indiana on the world map with its high quality building material; is the trail head for the newest rail trail in the state. The beauty of the trail can only be described as AWESOME! Masses of native wildflowers soften and colorize the base of huge limestone rock cuts, some measuring more than 50 feet high.

Native trees transition from tiny seedlings along the rail bed to soaring giants spreading their limbs to shade the trail. Amongst them are the redbuds and pawpaws, tulip trees and sycamores.

Winding through the passage, like a blue ribbon waving in the wind is Spider Creek. The trail crosses the creek 14 times before it parts ways and flows into the East Fork of the White River.

The bridges along the trail provide constant opportunities to see, smell, touch and feel Mother Nature’s hand upon the world. Moreover, this experience is within the first three miles of the trail, within the City of Bedford, within the bedrock foundation of the entire region.

Further west along the corridor, the dam, mill and open green space at Williams provide respite and a connection to the past. The Williams Covered Bridge dating to 1884 acts as the sentry for the trail users here. More evidence of the uniqueness of this place can be found in the wetlands, rivers and escarpment that also belong to this corridor.

Moving off the trail and into the region, future connections can be made to Bloomington and the B-Line Trail, Mitchell and SpringMill State Park; historic Vincennes and Illinois; the Hoosier National Forest; and the dozens of other unused rail corridors radiating out from the Milwaukee Road rail corridor.

While the rail corridor has been inactive for several years, the residents of this region of Indiana have been enjoying this “wild’ place nestled within its heartland. They are enthusiastic and eager to have this accessible pedestrian and bicycle trail built for their enjoyment and to share with the rest of the world. Just like the limestone of its history, the Bedford trails ROCK!