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Trillium Trail
.5 mi - Easy

This is the shortest of the three trails in the park
and is relatively flat with only minor changes in
grade and elevation.
The trail takes you through a wooded area and
crosses one small stream on a wooden foot
bridge. A portion of the trail parallels a small
Sighting of wildlife along the trail are common
and include small ground animals, deer, and birds
ranging from small Finches to larger species such
as owls and woodpeckers.
Flora along the trail include a wide range of
spring, summer and fall wildflowers, ferns and

Silver Creek Trail
1.5 mi -Moderate

This intermediate-length trail offers some
spectacular vistas of Silver Creek as nearly one
third of its length winds along the stream.
There are some modest elevation changes along
the trail making the trail challenging to some.
Two benches along the trail afford an
opportunity to stop and rest. One overlooks Silver
Creek while the other is in a scenic wooded area.
The trail passes through sections of old-growth
forest and displays some of the largest trees in
the park. You can also access a large open f ield
in the park that is frequented by White Tail deer.
In addition to frequent deer sightings, the trail
has produced sightings of beaver, raccoons, fox
and birds including owls, woodpeckers and many
small colorful finches.
The trail passes through one of the grandest
displays of Virginia Bluebells in the park during
the spring wildflower season and frequently has
wonderful displays of Trillium, Dutchman's
Breeches, Trout Lilies and many other varieties in
addition to some spectacular fungi.

 Flatwoods Trail
2.9 mi -Moderate+

At just under 3 miles, this is the longest trail in the
park. It combines sections of the Trillium and Silver
Creek Trails and adds to that an area of the park
that once was used for horse trails.
The trail climbs a hillside that elevates the
difficulty rating slightly as you leave the stream
and climb to higher ground.
Atop the hill you circumnavigate the old horse
trail area and have access to two open fields that
also serve as gathering spots for White Tail deer
in the park.
Several trees in and around the clearings have
bark that is "winged" with extensions that
protrude horizontally on either side of the branch.
While most of the trail is wide and improved,
several sections are classified as rustic and are no
more than a foot path in width.
Hikers who want to extend their walk can
incorporate the various loops that made up the
horse trails, optionally adding more than a mile to
the overall length of the trail.
On its western end, the trail parallels a trail on
private property that is not available to the
general public. The property line is clearly

 Park Regulations
The use of motorized vehicles is prohibited along
the trail network. Bicycle riders should be courteous
to walkers.
Discharging firearms within the park is strictly
prohibited. There is no hunting or fishing allowed
anywhere within the park boundaries. Pets must be
controlled by their owners and it is recommended
that dogs be on a leash.
Do not pick flowers or damage plants of any
kind within the park. Leave them for others to
enjoy as you have.
The park closes at dusk. Please allow time to
complete your hiking before sunset.

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