Trails in Indiana

Indiana Trails Fund

    The mission of the Indiana Trails Fund is to create trails and greenways throughout the state. This is accomplished through the acquisition, management, and improvement of corridors, the support of local trails organizations, and the education of the public on trails issues.
    Benefits of trails are the improvement of health, promotion of economic viability, fostering wildlife and biological conservation, creating a non-polluting alternative transportation system, and preserving historic sites, for everyone.
    ITF has directly or indirectly joined with trail individuals and groups in acquiring and preserving to date approximately 110 miles of corridor lands (mostly in Indiana), of which we have turned some 58 miles over to local trail overseers’ control for trail development.
    ITF stands ready to work with trail-interested parties for acquiring land, holding funds, and furthering walking paths, bicycling trails, greenways efforts, and educational opportunities thereto, primarily in Indiana .

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The Indiana Trails Fund (ITF) is an Indiana corporation, incorporated in 1994, for the purpose of providing a means of acquiring land and holding funds for trail development.