Trails in Indiana


If you're planning a remote trail hike in Southern Indiana, such as in Deam Wilderness, or the Knobstone, you may already be aware that there was a DNR-confirmed news release and photograph in May this year of a cougar in Greene County, not far west of some of these well-hiked areas. This Greene County picture was taken by DNR personnel who set up a camera system where the animal had been sighted.
There have been sightings and scat reported in Michigan for some time, and last year in Clay County, Indiana. The Indiana DNR cannot tell if Indiana's confirmed information was that of a wild cougar or one possibly released from captivity.
In any case, DNR's Gary Langell reminds concerned hikers who may be in a position to encounter one, the mountain lion does not stalk its prey. Rather, they wait near an area, for example, that is regularly traveled by deer or other game.
The last reported sighting of a wild cougar in Indiana was some 150 years ago. For further information on mountain lions and their behavior, see To report a sighting in your area, get in touch with the conservation officer nearest you. Clear photographs are helpful as well.