Trails in Indiana

Garfield Trail - Grant County, Indiana


Grant County in east central Indiana is home to the Garfield Trail.

Based on the cartoon creation by native Jim Davis, the County has eleven approximately five foot tall Garfield the cat statues placed at various sites.

Each statue captures the cat sporting different themed clothing.

Davis hails from Fairmont, Indiana, also home of the legendary James Dean.

Nearby, and part of the Garfield trail, Grant County has a three mile long rail trail too, called the Sweetser Switch, if a country walk seems right. The Sweetser Switch once served a part of the Pennsylvania Railroad's main line and integrates as part of the longest rail trail in Indiana, the Cardinal Greenway.

The trail has three restored railroad cars and a covered bridge on its west end and is suitable for walking, hiking, biking, skateboarding and even horseback riding.

The trail head is in the town of Sweetser at the Garfield statue, by the restored train cars.

As a family outing, tracking down and seeing all eleven statues on the trail can make for a  fun adventure.

View Follow the Fat Cat, to see what you and yours can discover “catting around” in Grant County.


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Here, Linda Hicks shares with us a post regarding her experiences pursuing and photographing Garfield the cat, on the “fat cat trail”.


Chasing Garfield the Cat



I was visiting my best friend this past weekend in Grant County Indiana. The restaurant was tired of us sitting and laughing and talking and was done eating for quite a while.

I told Deb about someone in the office talking about this “trail” about Garfield. She said you know Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, was born and raised in Fairmount here in Grant County. I said let’s go see if we can find one. It was more of something to do while we could go on talking and laughing.

The closest Garfield was at Marion General. We found the hospital with little problem and going past the emergency entrance we found Dr. Garfield standing at the front entrance of the hospital. We still wanted to talk, so where was the next closest one. GPS said less than a mile, so we head for Garfield in a garden just for him. Okay, the next closest one was out at a golf course, with GPS in hand we take off. We get there and no Garfield in sight. We ask the young man cleaning golf carts and we have to go inside the pro shop. I am glad we did because we got to see Garfield dressed in his finest golf clothes.

Deb and I are thinking we better head back home but we are starting to really enjoy this scavenger hunt for Garfield. So we head to Gas City and find Garfield. Another couple is there taking pictures, so we come up and start talking to them. They are out enjoying the afternoon and they only had four more to go to have found all 11 Garfield statues on the trail (more scavenger hunt).

The competitive juices kick in and we are off to go see the next Garfield and who do we run into but the other couple going on the Garfield Trail. We are all laughing and enjoying this adventure. We head to the next Garfield and we are laughing how the other couple beat us there. We are now seeing the social aspect of this scavenger hunt. We however did not get to see all of the Garfield statues this trip but we will finish soon. The other couple we are happy to report did indeed see all 11 statues and were heading home after enjoying a fun afternoon.




Photographs and text by Linda Hicks