Trails in Indiana


Indiana Trails Fund, In. is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation, incorporated on April 8, 1994.
The EIN # is 35-1921772 and is 501(c) (3) qualified.
The mission of the Indiana Trails Fund is to create trails (in Indiana).

Our mailing address is PO Box 402, Indianapolis, IN 46206-0402.
Our telephone numbers are both for voice 317-237-9348, and for facsimile 317-237-9425.
Our emails are: or
Our Street Address (for UPS, FedEx, etc.) is 217 West 10th Street #120, Indianapolis, IN 46202-4115.

ITF engages in land management, financial management, and community development in order to create trails, primarily in Indiana.

The body politic of ITF is its Board of Directors, which comprises both its membership and its voting body. (Donors are appreciated and are designated as friends, but with no voting privileges. To be a donor, please ask.) The Board schedules itself to meet four regular times a calendar year. To attend, please ask.
The members of the Board of Directors, including their portfolios and offices:
• Richard C. Vonnegut Jr. walking, bicycling transportation advocate President
• John David Cook retired lawyer Vice-President
• Patrick L. Musgrave certified bookkeeper Treasurer
• Tom Williams investor manager & public policy advocate Member
• Bowden Quinn federation manager & environmentalist Member

In order to create trails, ITF has and is engaged in land management by protecting either directly or indirectly 130 miles of corridors, in eleven projects, of which ITF has employed federal railbanking laws to protect100 of those miles, in six projects. Also, ITF has and is engaged in helping preserve funds and helped start eight groups. ITF has preserved funds in several ways, but most notably has been establishing and running a permanent endowment for trail groups and trail maintenance. Further ITF has enhanced communities by growing trails in areas which is fulfilling a larger potential of community and economic growth, than without the trail(s).
Over twenty years, ITF has moved from largely a landholding group to a fund-centric group with a concentration toward growing the fundraising and gifting operations for trails in the future.