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Columbus People Trail



The Columbus People Trail is a trail that circumnavigates Columbus designed to connect significant points in and around the city. It is a long trail and can be difficult to follow, but offers a wide variety of interesting stopping points and scenery. It consists of a series of asphalt - coated trails and sidewalks. Some areas parallel very congested traffic areas. It can be tricky to follow, so here is a bit of a “road-map” to help guide you.

The West-side trail begins from Goeller Blvd. and SR46 under I65. It runs under 4 tunnels and crosses a railroad. It traverses Mill Race, Noblitt, and Donner Parks. There are other connecting trails in the parks as well as benches, fountains, restrooms, picnic tables, trash cans and grills, playgrounds, and overlooks of ponds. Between the parks are urban areas with interesting old homes.
After Donner Park, the trail parallels 17th street as a sidewalk. It then turns north on another sidewalk which goes through neighborhoods, restaurants, schools, the 1942 First Christian Church, and the site for the famous architecture tour. The trail has now returned to asphalt. Heading North then east, the trail then becomes partially evergreen-lined in Blackwell Park, which has soccer fields. The trail then passes several businesses, Columbus Municipal Airport, ITT Tech and Harrison College. This is parallel to Poshard Street, and then continues paralleling Cessna Rd. as a sidewalk. It continues through neighborhoods down Clairmont Street and across a river as asphalt again. It parallels 25th street and U-turns and heads south. This takes you through neighborhoods, restaurants and other businesses, and under a bridge.
Continuing south, the trail traverses Lincoln Park with it’s playground, batting cages, picnic tables, and ball fields. You will then pass by Columbus Regional Hospital and the Cummins Plant then via sidewalk to Greenbelt Park, with evergreens, open spaces, and a golf course. Leaving the park you continue under a bridge along a river paralleling Central Ave. You pass near a library and can see the magnificent 1874 courthouse and Second Street Bridge (first of it’s kind in the US). The trail then ends by State Street and 2nd street to the proposed future trail, connecting back to the beginning of the trail. This end-point has no parking. The proposed trail is currently on private property, so the only way back to the beginning is on heavily-trafficked 2nd Street.
Parking for the trail can be found at Noblitt Park, Millrace Park, Lincoln Park, and Westenedge Park.

Clifty Creek Trail is located in Columbus at south Marr Rd. and Indiana Ave. Nearby the Clifty Creek Trail and Park are various restaurants, hotels, theaters, and other businesses. The park provides picnic tables and areas, 2 shelters, one in the woods, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, parking areas, and restrooms. The large city park also has volleyball courts, and is situated only 1.25 miles from the Columbus People Trail.

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Type of Trail: 
Part NOT open: 
Total Length of all segments: 
asphalt, sidewalks
Uses allowed: 
bicycles, people powered objects, biking, walking, rollerblading
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Which uses NOT allowed: 
motor vechiles
Attractive Features: 
Circumnavigates the entire city and is broken into four segments, ranked 11th out of 109 historic destinations world-wide, White River Bridge, 1874 Courthouse, 1942 Fisrt Christian Church, Mill Race Park, with a skyline view of downtown rooftops and steeples from the observatory, wetland wildlife, tunnels under I65, Second Street Bridge ( 1st of its kind in US), Significant amounts of architectural buildings along trail.
Very Difficult to follow trail, several streets and sidewalks that consist of no signs, congested area of trails with motorized vechiles, drainage and mud problems in some areas particular Mill Race Park.
West Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
West State Road 46
East endpoint (#1) – Specific: 
3rd Street & Central Avenue
Direction to #2 from #1: 
Connection to bus, rail: 
I-65 South, exit 68; West on West Jonathan Moore Pike, NorthWest onto West Carlos Folger Drive
Notable Trailhead: 
Noblitt Park, Mill Race Park, Lincoln Park, and Westenedge Park
Near to US highways: 
Noblitt Park, Mill Race Park, Lincoln Park, and Westenedge Park
Major Trailhead: 
Lat. of Major TrailHead: 
Columbus People T.
Agency, Group Owned: 
City Of Columbus
Columbus Parks and Recreation
22nd and Sycamore Streets – Columbus, IN 47202
Mailing Address: 
PO Box 858 Colubus, IN 47202
(812) 376-2680