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The Bridge - Thorntown


In positioning the new pre-fabricated bridge over Serum Plant Road the Mossman Family finally connected the Farm Heritage Trail.

Time Length: 
8:32 minutes
Serum Plant Road - Thorntown - Boone County - Indiana

2010 / 06


In positioning the new pre-fabricated bridge over Serum Plant Road near Thorntown, Indiana on June1, 2010 the Mossman Family finally connected the Farm Heritage Trail, which had been split since rails were removed decades ago.
The north section, which Thorntown had paved under the name Kewasakee Trail, ran from Serum Plant Road northward to Sugar Creek, about 2 miles, and then even northward to Boone County Road 825 North as a natural surface for another 1.5 miles.
The south section, thru Hazelrigg, runs about 7 miles to Dead End Road, near I-65, and is completely rustic with compacted rather small railroad ballast.
Now these two segments are connected. Now, one can now at least walk the corridor without having to walk down to Serum Plant Road, and back up the opposite embankment.
Before setting the bridge into place contractors poured capstones on the old abutments. Because the bridge is above the old railroad abutments, it is much higher than the plane of the railroad tracks. The tracks were removed about 1980.
The bridge was pre-fabricated and delivered some weeks ago, being stored about a third mile from the gap. On Tuesday morning Mossman Family brought in a crane, a flatbed, and a utility truck. In little time Father Matt Mossmann and son Andy lifted the bridge onto the flatbed, then drove the flatbed into the crevice between the two abutments. As the crane spread its wide stabilizers, it took the entire crevice and road width.
Almost like magic, the crane lifted the bridge up, and over the old railroad abutments. With an employee holding a rope tied to one corner, he swung the bridge about ninety degrees. With other employees on each side, and some careful adroit handling by Andy the crane operator, the unit was set and then reset onto plates and an accurate measure confirmed the accuracy of the positioning of the bridge. Once set, and cables and straps removed, employees and interested bystanders walked across the new fixture, marveling at the feat accomplished.
While the bridge is only about 50 feet long (and about 12 feet across, this top to the gap now makes the Farm Heritage Trail, much more usable, and much more unified.
Now we anticipate the FHT connecting Sam Ralston Road, on the northwest of Lebanon, northwestwardly to Colfax, if not from Zionsville to Lafayette. Happily for now those who hike or bike.