Trails in Indiana

Brickyard Trail / Dunes Kankakee Bike Trail

Chesterton / Porter


The Brickyard trail has been renamed Dunes Kankakee bike trail. It starts in Chesterton Indiana, connecting the Prairie Duneland trail with the Calumet trail, just outside Dunes Acres , in northern Porter County on Lake Michigan.
The Dunes Kankakee trail starts in Chesterton from the trailhead of the Prairie Duneland trail going northward for a quarter mile on S. Jackson Blvd. Crossing the railroad, and entering the town of Porter, turns left onto Lincoln Street to begin a separate trail that runs westward for .15 mile along Lincoln, northward for .15 mile on Sexton Avenue, and westward on Indiana Boundary Road, aka Beam Road for half a mile to the Augsburg Evangelical Lutheran Church
At the Church driveway the Dunes Kankakee ttrail separates from the Indiana Boundary / Beam Road to cross Mineral Springs, and run along Howe Road for .2 miles to US 20. At this crossing with US20, a beautiful bridge has been built for bikers and pedestrians to pass over the highway, but in November 2013 it was closed. Until the bridge is open to the public please take big precautions to cross this dangerous street.
At US20, the Dunes Kankakee trail it begins the first of several off-road segments through woods. The DKP continues on Howe Road, a dead end street with very little to no traffic to the US 20. Howe Road pavement begins curving northward and becoming CR 150W, which tees into CR 1350/West Oak Hill Road. Traversing about a half mile on pavement, the DKP angles northeastwardly, away from CR 150, into the woods to West Oak Hill Road.
Shortly, the DKBT crosses the West Oak Hill Road and winds northwardly through the woods of the National Park Service leading to US 12, or Dunes Highway. Here the DKBT overpasses US12 through a gorgeous pedestrian bridge that let you land nicely just in front of the Calumet trailhead.
The length of this trail is 3.2 miles but it makes possible to have more than 23 miles of continuous trails connecting the Prairie Duneland with the Calumet trail. It means that now is possible to go safely from Hobart to Michigan City.
When the gap in Hobart is closed between the Prairie Duneland and the nine mile Oak Savannnah trail to Gary and Griffith, connecting with the Erie Lackawanna, the traveler will be able to go either from Griffith northwestwardly to Hammond and the Chicago area of Illinois, or from Griffith southeastwardly to Crown Point, then northwestwardly on the Pennsy trail (bistate connection) to Munster, Indiana, Lansing, Illinois, and on into Chicago.

A new extention has been build on US49 (N CR 25 E) to connect Indiana Dunes State Park with the trail system through Calumet Trail.


For more info listen to Mitch Barloga webinar about the last updates of the Northwest Regional trails.



Type of Trail: 
Total Length of all segments: 
4.1 miles
Uses allowed: 
biking, hiking, walking
Attractive Features: 
Indiana Dunes State Park, Little Calumet River, Connects Prairie Duneland with Calumet trail
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
Indiana Dunes State Park
South Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
Prairie Duneland Trailhead - Chesterton